Dear readers,

Horn Review is proud to present this 7th edition of its monthly publication. This edition primarily focuses on the various security and resiliency issues facing the region. With intractable identity-based conflict in Ethiopia, government freefall in Sudan, and tentative elections in Kenya, Horn States are yet to sound the alarm of an impending food shortage. The governance problems in the region further exacerbate the effects of drought and food shortage. There is no doubt that the political interests and decisionmaking of regional leaders, going forward, comes with high humanitarian costs.

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Professor Ahmed Samatar for the impassioned lecture on a crucial issue of his scholarship: development and policy-making in the Horn. As a leading authority in Horn states’ political and developmental trajectories, Professor Samatar juxtaposes the promise and potential that Africa offers with the current, sobering, reality of poverty and conflict. I would also like to thank
the Political Science and International Relations (PSIR) Department of Addis Ababa University for the initiative in hosting such engaging discussions on campus.

I would also like to thank Kibour Ghenna, President of the Pan-African Chamber of
Commerce, for taking the time to sit with Horn Review to discuss the economic challenges Ethiopia currently faces amidst a global pandemic, a costly internal conflict, as well as shocks to the global supply chains that further
exacerbate the public’s woes. Mr. Kibur also remarked on the prospects of better economic

performance with forward-looking investment initiatives and continental regimes that would revolutionize inter-African-cooperation, as well as enhance the ease of doing business at home.

Lastly, I would like to thank Wondwossen Sentayehu for the elaborate discussion on the
design of Destiny Ethiopia’s multi-stakeholder scenario building process. As a founding member of the Initiative, Wondwossen shares an intimate account of the widely successful process, from design to result, particularly at a time when the nation plans to engage in a national dialogue.